Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents and Players

  • Respect my teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, volunteers and yourselves
  • Respect the equipment: helmets, bats, back-catching gear and facilities.
  • Review team rules with coaches. I will help my child to understand and follow the rules and provide a positive example.
  • Talk to the coach in a positive way to learn about their teaching or if I have another concern. If it needs to go further, I will put it in writing and give it to the convenor of my division. It will be dealt with as necessary by the executive.
  • Recognize that coaches are not providing child care. I will not drop off my child and leave any K.W.M.B.S.A. event. I will make arrangements with another adult or talk to the coach if I need to leave.
  • Remember that coaches are volunteers who try their best. Let's work together. When possible I will help and share ideas with the coach.
  • Have fun, make some new friends and show sportsmanship.
  • Let's Play ball and have a great season!

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